PAPERMACHEMAN.COM: Recent Comments 2009-10-22T11:24:27Z comments/atom.aspx Quick Blogcast Comment on Instructional video series- Introduction,2009-10-20:2508409 Dan the Monster-man 2009-10-20T17:18:06Z 2009-10-20T17:18:06Z Thank you for the wonderful comment Lori!&nbsp; I really appreciate it.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Right now I'm working on one of my fast videos.&nbsp; But as soon as I finish I'll get at the next lesson.&nbsp; <br><br>You hate crumpling....I have the strings on the cloth when I'm cloth macheing.&nbsp; We all have our banes.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Good luck on your projects.<br>They sound wonderful.<br>Dan<br> Comment on Instructional video series- Introduction,2009-10-20:2508359 Lori 2009-10-20T17:05:17Z 2009-10-20T17:05:17Z Thank You for your videos. You have a great sense of humor and major talent.<br />Can't wait to see more. <br /><br />I have a love/hate relationship with paper mache. <br />Love doing it, Hate the mess. OH, and I absolutely hate crumpling newspaper. <br /><br />Right now I am working on a fairly large dragon and also the dragon head trophy from your supersonic, speed of light video. (he is giving me a bit of trouble and unfortunately may not be completed for halloween) <br /><br />Trying to wait patiently for your next video!<br />Thanks,<br />Lori Comment on Lesson 2, Papier Mache,2009-10-20:2507536 Jonty 2009-10-20T10:21:48Z 2009-10-20T10:21:48Z Oh i have noooo trouble what so ever with the idea part for sure. As i am typing now i have ideas pouring into my head. If anything ever happened to my hands & i had no way of bringing them or starting to bring them to life i think i would go insane lol. No idea's come easily as breathing to me.<br /><br />Trust me 'I' want to see my unfinished stuff done too. These stupid new idea's won't let me though lol. One i might get them all done, one day lol. Comment on Lesson 2, Papier Mache,2009-10-19:2506847 Dan the Monster-man 2009-10-20T02:17:36Z 2009-10-20T02:17:36Z Hey Jonty,<br>It's funny because most people have trouble with the idea part.&nbsp; You have ideas pouring out of, well, your pores.&nbsp;&nbsp; It is good that you are getting back to a few of them.&nbsp; I really want to see some of them finished.&nbsp;&nbsp; They are all going to be great.<br><br>The short days and rain have settled over the Pacific Northwest.&nbsp;&nbsp; Time to snuggle up with hot chocolate and paper mache.<br>See you<br>Dan<br> Comment on Lesson 2, Papier Mache,2009-10-19:2506770 Jonty 2009-10-20T01:23:13Z 2009-10-20T01:23:13Z Oh i know that feeling. Trouble is i NOW have more unfinished projects than i know what to do with lol. I am trying desperately to get them all finished by cycling through them every week or so though lol. It's slow going but i am making some kind of progress. I know i speak for a LOT of people when i say "We can't wait to see the NEW idea's" lol. Comment on Lesson 2, Papier Mache,2009-10-19:2505453 Dan the Monster-man 2009-10-19T13:34:08Z 2009-10-19T13:34:08Z Hey Marie,<br>Thanks for checking in.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Yes, there is enough beautiful art in the world.&nbsp; Truckloads, museums, full of the stuff.&nbsp;&nbsp; I think we have a duty to add something a little uglier to the mix.&nbsp; And paper mache is perfect I think.&nbsp;&nbsp; I'll continue to do my part.<br>Good luck on your projects.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Keep in touch.<br>Dan<br>PS.&nbsp; I really need to make one of my fast videos before another slow one.&nbsp; I have an idea I want to pursue.&nbsp; I have to get it out of my head before anything else.<br> Comment on Lesson 2, Papier Mache,2009-10-18:2504752 marie 2009-10-19T04:38:13Z 2009-10-19T04:38:13Z Hey Dan, just checked out your new instructional videos like you suggested. Loved them, cant wait to see more. Keep up the great work. Best thing about paper mache' is...its the one craft out there that everyone can afford...and I love how you show that ugly IS beautiful too. Amazing. Thanks Comment on Lesson 2, Papier Mache,2009-10-17:2502979 Dan the Monster-man 2009-10-18T03:02:20Z 2009-10-18T03:02:20Z Hey Kent,<br>Nice to meet you.&nbsp; Thank you for the kind words.&nbsp;&nbsp; I'm really happy to hear that you will be trying this medium.&nbsp;&nbsp; It really is gratifying.&nbsp; You will love it.&nbsp; Let me know if you ever have any questions.&nbsp; I'm happy to help.&nbsp;&nbsp; And so will others.&nbsp; Check out my links.&nbsp;&nbsp; Many great paper mache artists there.<br>Take care<br>DAn<br> Comment on Lesson 2, Papier Mache,2009-10-17:2502594 Kent 2009-10-17T22:36:44Z 2009-10-17T22:36:44Z The blog is great,the site is perfect,and the videos are fricken awesome man.I am 53 and started drawing as a kid,then paint,then wood,then clay,then metal,and now glass...You have inspired me to vear off course and grab some newspaper ...thank you Dan...I will be buying both your books Monday off your website and wanted to just thank you for sharing everything. Comment on Lesson 2, Papier Mache,2009-10-17:2501477 konstantin 2009-10-17T09:19:56Z 2009-10-17T09:19:56Z thank u Dan.. i'll send u photoes when i made something intresting.